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Review: The Vamps – Meet The Vamps (Christmas Edition)

The Vamps
Meet The Vamps (Christmas Edition) (Universal Music)

Breakdown: They released their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ earlier this year which saw hits such as ‘Wild Heart’, ‘Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart), ‘Last Night’ and ‘Somebody To You’ but the band have officially rereleased the album and this time, it features some of their favourite Christmas carols.

How Many Good Tracks: 19 of the 24.

What I Liked: First of all, let’s talk about value for money! This album features a staggering 24 tracks! Many artists release Christmas albums this time of year and I think this is the future of Christmas albums. Not only is the album filled with our favourite carols, but it has the hit singles we know and love as well. The Vamps also made each Christmas song their own and put their own spin to them. The album is super creative and is definitely worth a buy.

What I Didn’t Like: I honestly can’t fault the Christmas part of the album but with regards to their debut, these guys need to work a bit harder to differentiate themselves from the likes of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer – even though I think they are better than them both.

Best Track: Jingle Bell Rock and Somebody To You featuring Demi Lovato are the clear winners.

Rating: 4/5

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