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Review: Robin Schulz – Sugar

Robin Schulz
Sugar (Warner Music)

Breakdown: German DJ and producer, Robin Schulz, has officially dropped his second studio album ‘Sugar’. The album has already released hits such as ‘Headlights’ and the title track ‘Sugar’ an sees the DJ move from the tropical house sound which dominated his first record to a more generic EDM sound many other DJs are making popular.

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 15.

What I Liked: There’s no denying that Robin Schulz is good at what he does. This album has a more commercial sound and has allowed the DJ to produce hits like the title track. The DJ has joined forces with a variety of artists on this record which adds a variety of different elements to his music – something that shows growth.

What I Didn’t Like: That being said, this is probably one of the most generic, boring pop albums to be released this year. The songs lack originality and excitement which is disappointing because his debut record had a sound that was distinctly his. The guitar sound that has made him so popular, unfortunately, only features on a handful of songs which is bound to upset his fans – especially since it features prominently on the title track. The EDM genre is booming at the moment and artists like David Guetta, Hardwell, Zedd and many more are putting their own spin on the genre’s pop crossover. Robin, however, seems to be copying the rest of the DJs instead of expanding the genre with something different. Sure, the album has some good songs, but overall, this is a huge disappointment.

Best Track: Heatwave (Feat. Akon)

Rating: 2.5/5

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