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Review: Mariah Carey – #1 To Infinity

Mariah Carey
#1 To Infinity (Sony Music)

Breakdown: She is undisputedly one of the greatest musicians to ever walk the earth and has earned more number one singles than any other solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This album takes us on her musical journey starting with her first number one, Vision of Love, to her brand new single ‘Infinity’.

How Many Good Tracks: 18 of the 19.

What I Liked: This album is a throwback of note! Being a greatest hits album of sorts, there are some Mariah songs we haven’t heard in years and you’ll find yourself belting out these songs just as she did. I always like when artists release albums like this because it really reminds the listener just how great the artist is. It’s also funny just how popular music has changed from the days when ‘Emotions’ made it to the top spot back in 1991 to ‘Touch My Body’ in 2008. Her high pitch scream, however, has been a constant and this album will remind you of that.

What I Didn’t Like: While it’s really difficult to judge an album like this when all of the tracks are classics, I must say that Mariah’s new single ‘Infinity’ is a mess. I’m not too sure what she was thinking with that one…

Best Track: I’ve always had a thing for Heartbreaker (Feat. Jay Z)

Rating: 5/5

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