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Review: Make Some Noise For The Vengaboys!

When I heard that 90’s pop group, the Vengaboys, were headed to South Africa, I knew I had to be there – no matter what! The foursome scheduled four South African tour dates and also released their new Christmas album just in time for the local tour.

I was invited to a meet & greet with the band before the show and what nice guys they all are! The show started off with a bang! The group are just as funky and energetic as they were almost 20 years ago. With synchronized dance moves to insane costumes, the Vengaboys made sure that they were about to put on one hell of a show!

The stars performed all of their hit singles such as Boom Boom Boom Boom, Up And Down, Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine), Uncle John From Jamaica, We Like To Party and Shalala Lala. What I loved most about this show was that so many people were out there singing their lungs out. Their music still has a huge place in the hearts of so many people.

The group also released their new Christmas album which featured their new single ‘Where Did My Christmas Tree Go’ and it was really cute that they released that track and performed it just in time for our festive season. Sure, the track is far from mindblowing but them on a platter and what more could you want from the band?

Now, the Vengaboys are clearly a manufactured pop group so they would never put on a performance as spectacular as Jessie J, for example. The backing vocals were EXTREMELY high and there were moments when the band weren’t singing live at all. Also, the group are damn sexual these days! They even have a track called ‘Rocket To Uranus’ where they sing “I want to have a party on Uranus”. Yes, the planet. But it sure as hell doesn’t sound that that when they’re performing it!

That being said, it was a fantastic blast from the past and I hope that the band make their way back to South Africa soon!

Check out this highlight video from the evening:

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