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Review: Jorine Rich – Boerseun

Jorine Rich
Boerseun (Independent)

Breakdown: Twenty-year-old Jorine Rich has made quite a powerful impact on the Afrikaans music scene with her new album ‘Boerseun’. She may be a newbie to the scene but she has already performed on stage with the likes of Jakkie Louw, Mathys Roets, Gerhard Steyn and Willem Botha

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 12.

What I Liked: This is a nice little pop-rock album filled with powerful anthems. Jorine Rich wrote most of the album with Idols South Africa winner Heinz Winckler and many of the tracks have this sort of chutzpah that is quite refreshing to hear. Jorine is making music for her generation – and music that strays away from the bubblegum pop sound the Afrikaans industry is infamous for – and for that we commend her! Her music has depth, the instrumentals are fantastic and she’s a breath of fresh air. We can’t wait to see a lot more of Jorine Rich!

What I Didn’t Like: We would have liked a little more variety in her music as there tends to be moments where songs blend into one another – something we aren’t really fans of. Also, there is room for Jorine to grow vocally but it’s a not a bad debut album at all!

Best Track: Cupid

Rating: 3/5

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