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Review: Johnny Apple – Johnny Apple

Johnny Apple
Johnny Apple (Sony Music)

Breakdown: He wowed South Africans throughout last year’s season of the popular SA’s Got Talent and after winning the show, Johnny Apple went into the studio to record his debut album. The album includes luke-warm debut single ‘Monday Night’ as well as his brand new single ‘Warrior’ which has been getting quite a few spins on radio stations around the country.

How Many Good Tracks: 6 of the 10.

What I Liked: First of all, Johnny’s vocals are fantastic and one of the best pop voices in the country. Johnny can effortlessly sing jazz, pop and rock and a talent like his truly is rare. The album also includes a mix of music which, I’m sure, Johnny enjoys at the moment which provides the listener with a great mix of music. This kid will be huge in a few years. Watch…

What I Didn’t Like: Some of the tracks just don’t seem to fit his personality and seem sort of out of place on the record. Also, out of 10 tracks, three are covers which I think is extremely unreasonable for a debut album. I get he competed in a competition, but c’mon! I think a bit more focus on tracks are needed for the 2nd album and that will shape him into a superstar.

Best Track: Not Over You is a great little track and there’s something about ‘Get It On’ as well.

Rating: 3/5

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