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Review: Heavy K – Respect The Drumboss 2015

Heavy K
Respect The Drumboss 2015 (Universal Music)

Breakdown: Heavy K is a heavyweight in the local dance scene. He has a string of hits to his name and after the brilliant album ‘Respect The Drumboss’, the producer has released his brand new album ‘Respect The Drumboss 2015’ which has already spawned the smash hit ‘Sweetie’ featuring Nokwazi. The double-disc album features 24 brand new songs that will kick-start any evening.

How Many Good Tracks: 18 of the 24.

What I Liked: Heavy K knows how to make good dance music. While the traditional dance sound used throughout the record is incredibly repetitive and predictable from the producer, Heavy K understands what the audience want. Not only has Heavy K delivered one strong album, but there are an incredible 24 songs on 2 CDs. As a house artist, Heavy K has also collaborated with a number of musicians on the record from Mpumi, DJ Tira, Nokwazi, Tresor, Riky Rick, Big Nuz, Burna Boy and many more. Each artist delivers Heavy K’s message beautifully in song and there is something incredibly special about this collection of songs.

What I Didn’t Like: As mentioned above, the overall sound of the record is repetitive and predictable. We would have loved to see Heavy K think outside the box a little bit more and push his boundaries a little bit.

Best Track: Sweetie (Feat. Nokwazi)

Rating: 4/5

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