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Review: Demi Lovato – Confident

Demi Lovato
Confident (Universal Music)

Breakdown: ‘Cool For The Summer’ has become one of the biggest songs of the past few months and now, we finally have more new music from Demi Lovato as she releases her fifth studio album ‘Confident’. The title track has just been released as the album’s second single and is on its way to becoming another smash for the star.

How Many Good Tracks: 8 of the 11.

What I Liked: Demi’s previous album ‘Demi’ was her coming of age album, however, the singer is finally comfortable with who she is on this record. The album is strong, powerful, revealing and, yes, confident. Demi’s vocals shine on this record. Not only is the singer able to belt out the high notes, but she takes on the low notes so delicately that one can’t help being impressed. Demi also had a hand in writing many of the tracks on the record, making this an incredibly personal one. There is a great mix of pop bangers and beautiful ballads, such as ‘Father’, where the singer sings about her estranged relationship with her father before he died of cancer back in 2013. Demi also speaks about mental health issues and even sexual experimentation on the album and the way she pours her heart and soul into this record, shows just how much of a brilliant artist she really is.

What I Didn’t Like: As with many of today’s pop tracks, the album is, at times, heavily overproduced which is a shame because Demi has a brilliant voice. The album also tends to become predictable towards the middle and it would have been nice to see her experiment with her music a bit more. Being her fifth album, I’d assume Demi would have figured out how she wants the world to see her, however, this album has some uber-generic tracks mixed with some incredibly personal music but being only 23 years old, I’ll blame her age.

Best Track: Cool For The Summer

Rating: 4/5

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