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Review: Beyoncé – Lemonade


Lemonade (Sony Music)

Breakdown: It’s the album on everyone’s lips at the moment. After dropping ‘Formation’ a few weeks ago, Beyoncé surprised the world with latest visual album ‘Lemonade’ – and the Beyhive lost their minds.

How Many Good Tracks: 9 of the 12.

What I Liked: Beyoncé understands that consumers are looking for experiences so she has made sure that the release of this album was a worldwide event. Not only has the world been waiting with bated breath for the album but, once released, the singer also released a movie alongside the record. I wasn’t so impressed with her 2013 self-titled album and I’m glad that she has upped her game with this record. Beyoncé explored a variety of genres on this record from hip-hop, pop, reggae, rock and even country and her experimentation paid off. This is an incredibly personal album and you can tell that her heart and soul is in every single one of the tracks. A lot of thought was put into this album – from the collaborations to the visuals and the lyrical content. Each and every song has the potential to be a hit single and it’s not everyday you come across an album like this. Lemonade will forever be one of Beyoncé’s career-defining moments.

What I Didn’t Like: The album is intense. As you have already read, the album hints at Jay Z’s infidelity and the fact that Beyoncé airs her dirty laundry like this just doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, it screams “attention seeker” to me. The singer still hasn’t spoken out on the cheating rumours and even if one day she reveals that she isn’t singing about Jay Z, the fact that she lets the world assume these songs are about him isn’t a form of female empowerment like many on my Twitter feed have been saying, but a form of bullying. I keep thinking about her daughter, Blue Ivy, and the fact that she will be listening to this record when she’s a bit older and I just can’t understand Yoncé’s thought process behind this. Beyoncé is sassier than ever on this record. The singer used to be associated with class and sophistication and I’m still not sure how I feel about the swearing and the vulgar tones on the record. That being said, one can’t deny that this is a great album.

Best Track: Daddy Lessons

Rating: 4/5

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