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Off The Record With: TiMO ODV


He’s only just breaking out of his shell but local producer TiMO ODV is doing so with a bang. His smash hit single ‘Save Me’, featuring Sarah Jackson has become one of the biggest songs of 2015 and the single has, as of this week, reached gold status in South Africa! After teasing us with some epic mash-ups on his Facebook page, we’re sure that he is going to bring us another brilliant single when he drops ‘Find My Way’ this weekend. I caught up with producer and discussed the smash single, which DJ’s he looks up to and the current state of EDM in South Africa.

‘Save Me’ is a huge hit. Were you shocked at how well South Africa is receiving this single?

I was totally shocked that ‘Save Me’ because as much of a hit as it is. I didn’t really expect much at all. I personally thought I’d just be flying under the radar with it but I am very pleased with the outcome.

You worked with Sarah Jackson on the record. What was it like working with her?

It was really cool working with Sarah on the track. I think our voices naturally ended up complimenting each other which is what you need for any type of duet.

How would you describe your sound?

I’d say pop inspired deep house

What do you think it is about you as an artist that has identified with South Africans around the country?

I don’t actually know. A lot of people have been telling me it’s because I sound like an international artist others are saying they like me because I produce, write and sing on my own music making me quite versatile. I am glad South Africa has taken an interest in me and I can’t wait to show you more.

How would you describe the local EDM scene at the moment?

Growing. It’s definitely growing with big festivals popping up and more people getting into it. There are also a lot of local producers who are all stepping up their game production wise. I think it’s a very exciting time for South African music.

How did you start your musical journey?

I just took a leap of faith with a dream in my heart, and pursued what I felt like doing. I started off making underground dance beats on my computer, and then slowly started learning instruments and adding different aspects to my music. I then learned to sing which has been the “final” step for me lately.

Which local and international EDM stars do you look up to at the moment?

International: Calvin Harris
Local: Black Coffee

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

You can expect a lot of new songs and a few behind the scenes collaborations. I can’t wait for you guys to hear what I have in store.

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