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Nicky Garcia Dishes On Her New Reality Show, Her Husband Artem And Why Paris Was The Perfect Destination To Say ‘I Do’

Fans of reality TV sensation and wrestler Nikki Garcia are in for a treat as the star unveils the biggest day of her life through her exciting new reality show ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’. After a rather long engagement, Nikki and her new husband Artem are ready to say ‘I Do’, however, they have only four weeks to plan the wedding of their dreams.

On ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’, we get a glimpse of the drama behind the scenes. As maid of honour, Brie scrambles to plan a bridal shower, while Nikki finds it impossible to find a suitable venue at such short notice. Meanwhile, Artem hopes his Russian family will be able to join them, as well as meet their son Matteo for the first time. With time running out, will the happy couple have to compromise their vision to make their fairytale wedding a reality?

The show premiered with a bang on E! this past Sunday and as more dramatic episodes are set to share couple’s journey to the alter, we caught up with the reality star who opens up about the show and her new marriage.

What can audiences expect from ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’?

A lot of love, that’s for sure! Definitely a rollercoaster ride of emotions and everything that goes into wedding planning. I know it’s not ideal to plan a wedding in four weeks; we did it, we made magic happen, but of course it was a bumpy ride all the way to the alter. I feel it contains a lot of raw honesty and truths that come around relationships. It’s a series that not only women will love, but also men. Whether you’re in a couple or not, yearning for love or in love, you can definitely take something away from this series.

How does it feel knowing that audiences from across the world will be watching you tie the knot?

It gives me chills! It’s incredible because I have been fortunate enough to wrestle all over the world and have this gigantic, incredible fan base and the one thing I’ve wanted to give them is more of me – not just in the US but all over the world. I was jumping up and down the minute I found out that everyone gets to be on this journey with me. I’m only where I am today because of my fanbase. To finish this beautiful part of my journey in life, finally getting married, it really meant a lot that everyone gets to tune in and watch it and enjoy it with me.

If you could be on any other E! show, which one would it be and why?

Oh, my goodness, there’s so many! I have to say when I got to co-host E!’s Daily Pop for a week, I really enjoyed that part of my career and so I think I would join E! News. I love Justin and Adrienne and I think I’d love to co-anchor.

Is there anything you would do differently if you could plan the wedding again?

I mean definitely more time, that’s for sure! The one thing I do love about it being short and sweet is you don’t have time be a bridezilla or a groomzilla, you truly live in the moment, and you just appreciate anything that works out. But, if I could do it all over again, I would definitely give myself more time because there were little things that I didn’t do because everything was happening so quick. Just little touches that you have as part of a wedding or your bridal suite or those little magic moments in-between. So that would be my one thing, maybe giving myself another few months, maybe half a year, maybe even a year!

What is your favourite thing about Artem, and does he have any annoying habits?

I love so many things about Artem, he literally is the sexiest person I have ever met, both inside and out! What I love the most about him is that he’s the sweetest man I have ever met. His aura, his personality, and anyone who meets him, they all say it, “his presence is so calming and so kind and sweet”. That was one of the things that made me really fall in love with him. I feel like that can sometimes be really hard to find, someone that can be this super sexy man but yet the sweetest man in the world. I got the best of both worlds.

The things that can annoy me… Artem will wash the dishes and leave them on the countertop. That’s probably the number one disagreement in our marriage, he’s like “at least I clean them” but the drawers are right there! It’s always kitchen related disagreements…I like everywhere to be very clean and neat!

What made you choose Paris as the wedding destination?

Paris is mine and Artem’s special place. We had our first vacation there together, and it was like we didn’t want anyone to know, so it was kind of this mysterious secret vacation we went on. It was so magical and I remember having all these dreams there and then Artem and I went a few times after we first went and he proposed to me right outside of Paris and it was the first time I met his parents. So Paris has always had a special place in our hearts; we have a lot of Parisian things in our house and we made our home very French. When we knew we were getting married and Napa Valley wasn’t going to work we were like it has to be Paris, it just felt right. Especially getting married so quick, we were like, “we could do this in the streets, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s Paris!”

Catch ‘Nikki Bella Says I Do’ every Sunday 12 March at 19:05 on E!


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