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Montecasino’s Amazing Race

They brand themselves as ‘Gauteng’s number one entertainment destination’ which is quite a bold statement but we all know that if we want to have fun, Montecasino is where it’s at. The casino, which also boasts three hotels, invited me to come stay at their 5-star Palazzo hotel and experience what they have on offer – and how can you turn an invitation like that down?

The night had a social element as well. By completing different tasks and posting our results on social media, we would get a card with our next task. We started off by checking into the beautiful 5-star hotel and were welcomed with some yummy chocolates, macaroons and wine in our hotel room. We then met at the Palazzo’s bar area where we had to decorate cappuccino’s. This was the most daunting task ever and although mine didn’t look as great as I had hoped, I managed to move on to the next round.

The next task was my favourite because it involved two of my favourite things – movies and popcorn. In order to get our next clue, we met at Movies@ Montecasino where we had to book tickets to a movie as our favourite movie character. My partner in crime took this one and, naturally, ordered our tickets as Spider-Man. I honestly could not stop laughing at this but he managed to move on and get me my popcorn. Nom nom.

Now, because the media LOVE alcohol, we moved on to the incredible 3Sixty lounge inside the casino. This is one of my favourite hang-out spots and we were greeted with some of their candy-floss shooters and one called a ‘Hefty Smurf’ (which was totally NOT my vibe). We were then asked to order our favourite cocktail and tweet a picture of it. Being a regular, I immediately ordered the Italian Hugo. It’s a MUST when you are over there for drinks. Oh, and you get a 7.5% discount if you have a Montecasino gold card. How awesome is that!

We then went for dinner at the delicious Punchinellos restaurant at The Pivot. Masterchef’s Benny Masekwameng designed the menu and what a great job he did. He joined us for dinner and is so humble and charming and an all-round fun guy! The food was magnificent and I could easily tell why he is a judge on the show. He also drinks his Long Island Ice Teas in the weirdest ways! What a guy. Oh, and his dessert! WOW!

That’s how the night came to an end. I went to spend my R100 freeplay on the slots and dived into that huge, soft hotel bed. Morning came and I was so excited to eat some more – this time at the Palazzo’s buffet breakfast. The food was incredibly delicious and with an amazing view I couldn’t ask for anything better. I didn’t win a weekend away as part of the #TsogoRewards amazing race but I has the BEST evening with great friends.

This, once again proves that Montecasino can easily boast that they are Gauteng’s number one entertainment destination and with exciting events such as Biefest and War Horse arriving at the complex, it’s the one place you want to be.

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