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Mi Casa – Chocolat

It’s been a big year for Mi Casa. They have just come back from a world tour and lead singer, J’Something, has presented two cooking shows – Something’s Cooking and What’s For Dinner. In the hustle and bustle, the group have found studio time and have recorded their third studio album ‘Home Sweet Home’ which drops later this month. To hype everyone up, the group have released ‘Chocolat’ as the lead single off the record.

In the song, J’Something sings about the female form and although it seems he may only be singing about women of colour in the song, J’Something reveals that this song is a tribute to all women. “When people hear the song they’ll think, ‘oh J likes black chicks’, but the song is about more than that, because chocolate isn’t just black,” he says. “It’s about breaking racial boundaries. The song is about praising women in a very sexy way.”

On the new single, Mi Casa have stuck to their sound, however, give us a fresh take on the music we know and love. J’s smooth vocals are the highlight of the track which is rounded off with an incredibly sexy African-inspired deep house beat. We have the song on repeat today but we’re not sure if this is as strong of a debut single – especially after ‘These Streets’ and ‘Jika’. If there’s one thing you do today, listen to this song loud!

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