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INNA – Heaven

WE might be in the middle of winter but there’s nothing like some catchy tropical house music to get us ready for summer. If there’s one woman that continues to bring the heat, it’s Romanian pop princess INNA. You may remember her from her smash hit singles Sun Is Up, Hot, Endless and Yalla and now, she’s preparing the release of her upcoming fifth studio album and has just dropped Heaven – the lead single off the project.

The bilingual track sees INNA performing in both English and French – something that she has been doing in many of her recent single releases. While the lyrics are simple and cheesy, it’s the production that makes the song. We love how the singer effortlessly blends together tropical sounds with a Middle Eastern flair. It’s the perfect track to play at the pool or a beach holiday and it’s something different from anything on radio at the moment.

INNA filmed the video on the East African island of Mauritius. “Heaven’s atmosphere fits quite well with the Mauritius landscape,” she said in a recent interview. “I have travelled a lot and met many faces but I have found something special and genuine in Mauritius.” We would have liked to see stronger lyrics and better pronounciation from INNA, but this is definitely a song that we need on our summer playlist.

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