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How Suits’ Gabriel Macht Sparked My ShowMax Love Affair

At the weekend I got an email from a PR company inviting me to a last minute event. If I get an invite to something so late in the game and the day before, my usual response is to kindly decline or kindly just trash the mail. This one I couldn’t turn down though. I mean if you’re a fan of the hit series Suits and one of its stars, who goes by the name of Gabriel Macht, how could you resist? There was a short media session, followed by a meet and greet session with the star. He was out in the country for a project that will be revealed on the 18th. I didn’t quite get the photo I wanted, but someone managed to snap one of me standing next to him, so I’m claiming it as one for the red carpet photobook collection.

It got me thinking about how much I love this show, the storylines and the action attached it. I can’t believe we’re already watching season 5. Crazy! What I really like about this show is that I feel like I can watch it over and over, without actually getting bored. The creators of the show really cast well too. So I’ve decided I’m going to start watching the show on ShowMax, right from the start. They’ve got all four seasons. So I want to make sure I’ve watched all of the episodes properly and that I really, fully grasp all the storylines. Sounds like I’m justifying why I’m watching it again huh? Well I guess you can call me a fan then 😉

Gone are the days of attending each and every event. My social life has changed significantly thanks to ShowMax and the thousands of hours of content they are offering, including all four seasons of Suits. Let me just put the thousands of hours thing into perspective for you. They have 270 complete seasons of the various different series, 750 different titles. A lot of that content is local, which is fantastic news. So I think once I’m done with Suits, I’m going to check out The Wild. I really think for R99p/m you should do the right thing and sign up. It will change your life. There’s also a 7 day free trial available. Want to know more about how that works? Check this out:

Anyone keen to join me?

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