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Euphonik – Don’t Wanna Be (Your Friend) (Feat. Mi Casa)

What happens when you take two of the biggest names in South African music and put them on a track together? Sparks fly! One of our favourite DJs, Euphonik, is back with a banging new single, Don’t Wanna Be (Your Friend), and it features none other than Mi Casa.

We originally heard this track on Mi Casa’s new album ‘Home Sweet Home’ and were shocked to hear that the song is more beat based track rather than the jazzy, house sounds we’re used to from them, however, once we realized that the song is being released as Euphonik’s new single, all made sense. The track has elements of both artists mashed together and is exactly what a collaboration should sound like.

Lyrically, the song is about telling that one person that you’re not interested in being their friend, but you want to be their lover instead – something we all have gone through at one stage or another. J’Something’s smooth vocals are perfect for the song and he really gives the chorus a bang. This is definitely Mi Casa stepping outside of their comfort zone – and it works! This is the perfect tune for December so expect to hear it all over your radio very soon!

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