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December Streets – Santa Fe

We can always count on the boys from December Streets to deliver the hits. The group have been dominating the local airwaves with their brand new single Santa Fe for a few weeks now and now, the band have finally unveiled the track’s music video – and it’s an awesome short film everyone needs to watch!

Santa Fe is a strong, powerful track from the group. I love that the group release music that inspires – and that’s exactly what they did with this song. “Santa Fe is about the moments of pure bliss, being lost and completely caught up in the adventure with someone close to you,” lead singer Tristan Coetzee tells me. “Those moments when nothing else really matters. Getting dragged along blindly and willingly, totally absorbed in the moment.” The song has a funky trumpet-driven pop sound which is something fresh and different from other local pop tracks on radio at the moment. Vocally, the band sound better than ever and they’re cementing themselves as one of the strongest pop acts in South Africa.

The video is also something different. It follows a woman in the midst of a virus breakout that has turned her better half into a little creature. Not accepting her fate, she follows a note that will lead her to a vaccine that will stop her from turning into one of these creatures everyone is turning into. The video is a mix of animation and live action, and again, something so different. It’s a story about love ultimately, and the journey she will go on for her better half, based on the memories of the great times they had,” Tristan explains. Don’t forget to support local music and buy this song on iTunes today.

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