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Armand Joubert And Connor Rhys Celebrate ‘Toxic Love’ On Their New Single

Local crooner Armand Joubert returns with brand-new music this week as he teams up with newcomer Connor Rhys on a new single that unpacks a love that isn’t entirely healthy.

The song is a heartache-inspired R&B ballad about heartache being a feeling most, if not all, can deeply relate to. Armand and Connor bring their perspectives and experiences together to create this musically healing experience. Armand’s personal meaning behind ‘Toxic Love’ is the obsession one goes through when one falls in love with someone bad for them and that feeling of addiction to that trauma bond.

“I wrote from a place of truth and my own experience. I was in a situation with someone who gaslit and emotionally abused me but I was so in love with him, that I fell in love with his drama too. I knew it was toxic but I couldn’t get out,” Armand tells us.

Connor also drew inspiration from being in a severely toxic relationship. He elaborates; “The feeling of wanting someone in your life, despite knowing how badly they treat you, is a complicated one, as you are being pulled in two directions. You acknowledge what you need to do, but find it impossible to make the decision. The song is written about that moment just before the end. The frustration that has built up to a point where there is no option but to leave, and as much as you need to, you don’t want to.”

‘Toxic Love’ encompasses jazz and R&B influences bringing a sense of familiarity to the musical piece. The pair feel that anyone will be able to relate to the lyrical content for how it makes you feel within the simplicity of the lyrical and melodic content.

Armand and Connor wanted to present something familiar yet classy and gracious when it came to the track’s music video. This intention translated into the music video where they decided to create a concept with a vintage appeal. The music video pairs beautifully with the song whilst not distracting too much from the song itself. Creating a music video embodies the essence of fashion with a vintage and classy style.

Listen to ‘Toxic Love’ below and read more music news here.


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