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Adam Lambert – Ghost Town

FINALLY! After years touring, getting dropped by his record label, signing with a new one, recording and taking a well-deserved break, Adam Lambert is back with ‘Ghost Town’ – the debut single off his upcoming second studio album ‘The Original High’. The track is something completely unexpected. Adam teased the deep house bits used in the chorus on his social media but the track actually has a lot more depth than that. The verses are crisp, clean and calm while the chorus turns up the tempo and gives the track a bit of umph. The track is really beautiful and I smell a huge hit for Adam. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

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  1. The snippets didn’t do much for me so I’m totally blown away by the song in whole, love the quiet start, vocals so beautiful, lyrics good, love the unexpected uptempo kicks, I’m so hooked, hoping from the bottom of my heart that it hits big for Adam 🙂


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