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5 Minutes With: ADAM

ADAM Full FAce Picture

They’re one of the most successful Afrikaans groups in the country and it seems not even a member change could bring them down! As Kyle Grant joins the group, I chat to the boys about the future.

The group has just gone through a major change. Will this affect the ADAM sound?

Not at all! We will still have the unique ADAM sound although we will definitely try a couple of new sounds and experiment on the upcoming new album as we have always done.

Kyle has just joined the group. How was he chosen?

We’ve known Kyle for a long while. He is an amazing performer and singer, so it was a natural choice.

What is the best thing about being an Afrikaans boy band?

The friendship and camaraderie It’s a bunch of good friends traveling together and having fun on (and off) stage. What could be better?

How does a song come together?

It depends. Sometimes it comes in your sleep, when you’re driving, when you’re cooking… Anything. When the inspiration comes we normally sit down with a guitar or at a piano and get the melody down. Once we have the melody down we start working on the lyrics and that normally takes the longest.

You just released a new single as well. Tell us more about that?

The new single, Sal Oorlog Vir Jou Maak, was written specifically for the film (and scene) we feature in in the brand new Pad Na Jou Hart movie. We are very excited about it. It’s definitely a bit of a new direction for us, but the reaction has been overwhelming towards the new song. So we are very excited.

What can we expect on your upcoming album?

Great songs. The best we have ever written.

Besides the album, what else are you getting up to this year?

Touring and bringing our ‘show’ to the whole country. Our calendar is already full with shows country-wide (wherever you stay in SA, we will show there sometime in 2014). We especially look forward to doing Skouspel (Cape Town and Sun City) and we are also opening for Air Supply on their South African tour. Very excited about our year ahead!

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