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Troye Sivan – Youth

20-year-old YouTube sensation, Troye Sivan, may have been born in Johannesburg 20 years ago but he has since taken the world by storm. Not only has he appeared in feature films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Spud franchises, but he also tried his hand at music releasing three EPs. Now, as the singer released his debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, his new single ‘Youth’ is shooting up the charts.

The track is a balanced blend of pop and electronic music and sees Troye singing about being with the one he loves. The chorus is bound to have anyone who hears the song singing along and the production gives the song a super modern edge that easily places the song amongst the best pop songs out at the moment. Troye has an incredibly unique voice and it’s something that really sets him apart from his peers at the moment.

There have been so many songs about heartbreak recently and this track is the complete opposite. Troye sings about being completely devoted to a person and declaring that ‘my youth is yours’ which is something we really enjoy hearing. Troye has proved that he is a powerhouse and we’re keeping a close eye on the YouTuber. We’re expecting big things from the star in 2016!

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