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Taylor Swift Becomes A Psycho Bitch In New Video

Damn, this is exactly why the world is fangirling over Tay Tay! The singer dropped the music video to ‘Blank Space’ – the second single off her new album ‘1989’ and it’s exactly what the tabloids have been calling her – a psycho ex-girlfriend. In the video, Taylor does crazy as she leaves her boyfriend while smashing his car, ripping his clothes etc. “She knows that there’s this meme that if you date Taylor Swift, you’re going to end up getting a song written about you,” says director Joseph Kahn. “She wanted to address that.” The end of the video also shows a new marketing tool from the pop star called ‘The Blank Space Experience’ and it’s another way she stays winning with regards to her marketing strategy. Watch the video below and remember, I’m still giving away five 1989 hampers over here.

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