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Seal – Every Time I’m With You

SEAL is back! After a hard few years dealing with his divorce from Heidi Klum, the enchanting singer found himself back in the studio recording his brand new album 7. The album will be Seal’s first since 2011 – and he has a beautiful new single off it called Every Time I’m With You which serves as the album’s lead single.

Seal’s biggest weapon is his voice and he uses it so well on this track. The song is smooth, emotional and doesn’t have many bells and whistles. On the track, Seal admits that romance was the main factor that inspired the song. “I tried to think of the one thing that somebody who was in love would want to say to their loved one and also say the thing that they would most love to hear, and I couldn’t imagine anything more romantic than: ‘Every time I’m with you, I feel wanted’,” the singer revealed.

I have been craving a beautiful, honest ballad and we’re so glad that Seal has given us just that. There is so much passion and feeling on the song and Seal wears his heart on his sleeve on this record – something that is rare in this day and age. We’re counting down the days until he releases the new album on November 6.

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