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Review: Shortstraw – Youthless

Youthless (Boosh Music)

Breakdown: Youthless sees the third release from South African rockers Shortstraw. The album has already debuted at number one on the local iTunes charts and proves that the boys still have what it takes. The album is a lot more diverse, for me, and finally sounds like the band are at the exact point, musically, that they want to be at.

How Many Good Tracks: 11 of the 15.

What I Liked: Being a South African band, there are plenty of South African influences on the record (I think we can blame Beateberg for that) but having those maskandi sounds blend into Shortstraw’s pop/rock sound is magic – just like they did on Find A Way with The Kiffness. Many of the tracks are incredibly catchy and the boys have found a way to make hit music while still being true to themselves. The band shine on their slower songs and even when they tone things down during the bridge. I think the band are one of the best in South Africa and this album proves this. It’s definitely a local album you must buy.

What I Didn’t Like: Although being a more diverse album, Shortstraw add many elements to their music in every single song. This can be a good thing but, for me, it gets a bit boring. I would have also liked to see a collaboration with another artist as it would have pushed the band out of their comfort zone – especially with these traditional African sounds.

Best Track: Charlotte Carter

Rating: 3.5/5

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