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Review: Locnville – Locnville VS LCNVL: The Hits


Locnville VS LCNVL: The Hits (Just Music)

Breakdown: One of the most exciting act to have ever appear on the local pop scene has finally released their first greatest hits collection. Locnville burst onto the scene back in 2009 and has released an array of hits all while pushing themselves to new directions with each album. Now, all their hits are available on one album.

How Many Good Tracks: 11 of the 16.

What I Liked: A greatest hits compilation is something most artists strive for. It’s sort of a way to reminisce on their career and really show off their accomplishments. That’s exactly what I felt when listening to this album. Locnville have had a great career so far. They have a number of huge hits and what’s really great is how this record shows how versatile they have been. The lads pushed boundaries on every single song they released and although it didn’t work in their favour every time, it proves that they’re true artists and seeing their growth is a beautiful thing.

What I Didn’t Like: In all honesty, I can’t give you one reason to buy this album. Naturally, greatest hits albums are for die-hard fans. I don’t think people who like a song or two from the boys would cop this and the fans would have already purchased every album before this or download singles that didn’t make an album on iTunes. Locnville have been teasing new music for months and I am shocked that they didn’t put a new song or two on this album. Not only does that mean that fans already own all the content on the disk, but it also hampers the promotion of the album which is such a waste. That being said, I am SO excited to hear what they’ve been cooking up in studio. I have heard that it’s their best work to date!

Best Track: Love Rush

Rating: 2/5

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