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Review: Leona Lewis – I Am

Leona Lewis
I Am (Universal Music)

Breakdown: British songstress, Leona Lewis, is back her fifth studio album, ‘I Am’. The album is her first since leaving Simon Cowell’s Syco Records last year. The move allowed her more creative control than ever before, showing us who the real Leona Lewis is. Singles ‘Fire Under My Feet’, ‘I Am’ and ‘Thunder’ were released prior to the album’s release.

How Many Good Tracks: 6 of the 10.

What I Liked: This album reminds us why Leona Lewis has such an incredible career behind her. Not only is Leona wearing her heart on her sleeve on this album, but she also shares her journey with some beautifully written pop ballads which reminds me a lot of Adele’s material. Each and every song is full of passion and emotion which so many people can relate to – a smart move from Leona. The singer has gone back to her roots and has released a fantastic new album.

What I Didn’t Like: This is exactly the album we expected from Leona. She has a tendency to release predictable albums and although the songs are good, the album fails to give the listener anything new and exciting. Leona still lacks that hit single to bring her back to her former glory which is a shame. Also, production-wise, the album wasn’t up to scratch.

Best Track: The Essence Of Me

Rating: 3/5

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