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Review: Jack Parow – From Parow With Love

Jack Parow

Jack Parow
From Parow With Love (Parowphernalia)

Breakdown: Local rapper, Jack Parow, has taken the country by storm since he dropped ‘Cooler As Ekke’. Now, he has his sights on the international market and has already toured Europe many times. It was during his international tour dates that he met various European artists that inspired him. So, he dropped a collaborative EP featuring De Kraaien, SKIP&DIE, De Likt, Ertebrekers and South African super group Freshlyground.

How Many Good Tracks: 5 of the 6.

What I Liked: Jack has made a name for himself because of his individuality and even after dropping a few records, each and every song on this EP is so different from the other. Many of the tracks are bilingual. I initially thought that would hamper the effect the songs on the album have but it’s this fact that makes them stand out even more. The production on the record is flawless and Jack gives us some hardcore electronic sounds and even a ballad or two. Jack has pushed boundaries on this EP and gave his fans something they would never expect. You need to add this album to your library ASAP!

What I Didn’t Like: This is so short! There are only six songs on the EP and while the rise of the EP is rising drastically in South Africa, this collection of songs is so unique that when the six songs were up, we craved more.

Best Track: Kattenkwaad (Feat. De Kraaien)

Rating: 4/5

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