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Review: Connell Cruise – Into The Wild – EP

Connell Cruise
Into The Wild – EP (David Gresham Records)

Breakdown: When local heart-throb, Connell Cruise, burst into the scene with his debut single ‘Not Just Friends’, the local music industry bustled with the breath of fresh air he brought to the scene. Fast-forward to today, and he’s signed an international deal with Island Records and has just dropped his brand new Into The Wild EP.

How Many Good Tracks: 5 of the 7.

What I Liked: Into The Wild threw Connell into the deep end – in a good way. I feel like he has finally found his sound and it’s a sound that it rather unique to the local music industry. Connell is hard at work preparing his new material for the American market and it’s great that he has dropped some new music for his South African fans who have been itching for some new material. Connell had a hand in writing every new track on this album, proving that he is a true musician. The tracks are way more youthful than on his debut album and see the singer having fun with his music. If this is an indication of what’s to come, I absolutely cannot wait. Oh, there’s a hidden bonus track on the physical copy of the album!

What I Didn’t Like: There are only seven songs on the EP! Sure, EP’s are usually short but just as I was getting into the album, it ended. But, it’ll do until Connell drops his second studio album!

Best Track: Into The Wild

Rating: 4/5

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