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Review: Brendan Peyper – Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘N Bietjie

Brendan Peyper
Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘N Bietjie (Select Musiek)

Breakdown: He’s the blue-eyed boy on everyone’s lips at the moment and after releasing the smash hit ‘Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘N Bietjie’, 19-year-old Afrikaans singer, Brendan Peyper, has finally released his debut studio album. The album’s official second single, ‘Tafelberg Vir Twee’ is climbing up the charts quickly making him one of the most exciting new artists of 2015.

How Many Good Tracks: 11 of the 15.

What I Liked: Afrikaans music is complex. While the community is incredibly loyal, they demand music that speaks to their soul. Luckily for Brendan, he seems to have done just that with this record. Not only is the teen appealing to fans his own age, but the country influences in his music open his music up to a much wider audience. Brendan was involved in writing most of the tracks on the record which brings out the true artist in him. The fact that he has included some English songs on the record, and smashed them, again proves that there is a ton of talent in the kid. The songs are clean, simple and catchy – everything needed in a pop record.

What I Didn’t Like: Sure, Brendan is 19. But damn, some of the songs are soooo cheesy! Other than some cheesy moments and moments here and there where his vocals fall flat, this is a damn good debut album!

Best Track: Soen My

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Well chosen video. A good looking young guy washing a white horse. Cheezy but I can stare at the whole video. A song definitely aimed at the younger generation, I find all the latest songs has only the same 5 lines repeating.


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