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My #TopGearSA Ambitious But Rubbish Creation

BBC Entertainment South Africa always have weird, wonderful and wacky ways for the media to get involved when a new TV show or season premieres on their channel and in the case of Top Gear: Ambitious But Rubbish they went all out!

The task was simple. They delivered a wire car to me with some goodies in a box and told me to make my very own ambitious but rubbish creation. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! I realized that sticking things onto wire with super glue isn’t all as simple as it sounds. So I got a blue car – but how to decorate this? Well, this is what was given to me in the box: * A Wire Car Model together with the materials to decorate the Wire Car in accordance with the Instructions, string & ribbon, beads, glue, faux fur, coloured wires, paper clips, markers, pipe cleaners and modelling clay. The team did however seem to leave out the reflectors, faux fur, coloured cardboard and glitter from my pack but I managed either way.

Naturally, I was up against many other media personalities and a creative bunch it seems. So I decided that while everyone was adding some awesome additions to their cars, I would make it more difficult for myself – I would use what was given to me and ONLY what was given to me.

It’s really easy to impress people with bonus material but could I do it with just the materials I received from BBC Entertainment? I was about to find out.

True, most of what was given to me seemed quite girly and I seriously considered using some of my own materials but I decided to stick it out and complete the task I set out for myself. Using the pipe cleaners, paper clips, clay, and rhine stones, I managed to place them in places I thought was unique. Oh, and ribbons used instead of lights? Genius, no? Also, what’s the point of the competition if you don’t put some branding on the car, eh?

Yes, it did take some time to complete and I got super glue EVERYWHERE, it was still a fantastic experience and I found myself doing things that I never thought I would do – like making sure pipe cleaners were perfectly wrapped around the wire as seen in the video below:

At the end of the day I feel I really created an ambitious but rubbish car with what I had – something The Stig, James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson would appreciate – something they themselves would do. Thanks again BBC for the awesome opportunity.

And now, ladies and gentlemen…. The big reveal:

Remember, catch Top Gear: Ambitious But Rubbish, Wednesday, September 10th at 20h00 on BBC Entertainment.

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