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The Kiffness – You Say You Love Me (Feat. Tawanna Shaunte)

The Kiffness are back! The duo has taken a break from exposing retail giants for their skinny mannequins and has dropped another banger. ‘You Say You Love Me’ is not only an awesome track, but the boys have shot an awesome video for the track and it is probably the most important video they’ve ever released.

The song has a heavy 80’s inspired synth beat paired with the duo’s signature blend of jazz and electronic music which makes this song rather different. Tawanna Shaunte delivers a strong vocal performance and brings a whole lot of sass to the track. I love acts who push themselves creatively – and that’s exactly what The Kiffness did here. Oh, and can we talk about how incredible the trumpets are throughout the song?

The video is a celebration of identity and sexuality and features the amazing talents of Manila Von Teez – one of Cape Town’s most celebrated drag performers. “When we shot the video for You Say You Love Me, we wanted to do a video that was not only fun & different, but also a video that would be empowering to the LGBT community in Cape Town while providing a platform to showcase the amazing talent that we have here in our Cape Town LGBT community,” the band’s Dave Scott said. He also revealed that a personal bullying experience made this video even more important to him. The video shoot was sadly marked with tragedy as it was filmed on the same day as the unfortunate Orlando Nightclub Shooting that occurred in Orlando Florida. Subsequently the band has dedicated the video to that tragic event and all those who were affected by it.

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