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Jacaranda FM’s Rozanne McKenzie and Rob Forbes Go On A Culinary Journey On Their Way To Innibos

Jacaranda FM’s dynamic duo, Rozanne McKenzie and Rob Forbes, hosts of the popular show ‘The Drive With Rob & Roz,’ decided to take a culinary detour on their journey to the Innibos festival. Along the way, they unearthed some incredible local flavours and hidden gems from charming farm stalls to renowned local eateries. Here’s a look at some of delicious places Rozanne and Rob discovered:

Milly’s Country Trout Farm

Their first stop was Milly’s Country Trout Farm, a charming destination perfect for travellers looking to take a break and enjoy some local produce. Rozanne couldn’t resist exploring the farm stall, which offered a variety of sweet treats, textiles, and the farm’s famous fresh trout. Rob found Milly’s as a convenient place to refuel, grab a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy a satisfying meal. The on-site restaurant, often packed with patrons, serves up delicious dishes for those who want more than just a quick takeaway.

Maroti’s: The Home of Peri Peri Chips

Next on their culinary trail was Maroti’s, known as the home of the Peri Peri chips. Rob and Roz had heard rave reviews about these chips and decided they had to try them for themselves. Maroti’s Peri Peri chips have been a local favourite since Mr. Marote invented the sauce in 1978 at Kaapmuiden Fish & Chips. “The menu says that this is easily enough chips for two to three people, but this is huge!” Rozanne shares. “It’s like slap chips, but it’s still crispy and that peri peri comes in beautifully afterwards.”

Delicious Kos at Innibos

Rob and Roz’s culinary adventure continued once they reached the Innibos Music Festival. As soon as the duo arrived, Rozanne introduced Rob to her favourite snack at the festival – halloumi fingers. “These halloumi fingers changed my life,” Rozanne says. “They’re so delicious when they’re fresh and hot. I add some lemon juice onto it and my secret ingredient – Aromat!” Rob couldn’t wait to dive into the offerings at La Ma-Ma, a stall known for its Argentine and Spanish meat cuisine. The menu featured authentically inspired seafood and chicken paella dishes, as well as beef steak (vacio) and pork belly. One unique find that surprised both Rob and Rozanne was the ‘cone pie’ – a cone-shaped pie filled with a choice of oxtail, pepper steak, chicken and mayo, or beef curry.

Rob and Roz’s journey to Innibos was not just about the music and festivities but also about discovering and savouring the rich and diverse flavours of local cuisine. The adventure highlighted the importance of enjoying the journey as much as the destination, celebrating the incredible food they tasted along the way and the stories behind each dish.

Watch some of the highlights from their adventure here:

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