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Da L.E.S. – Real Stuff (Feat. AKA & Maggz)

THE North God is back with another smash! The rapper has teamed up with long-time collaborator and friend AKA and Maggz for the next single off his critically acclaimed North God record. The track is one of the highlights off the record and fans have been waiting for the rapper to release this as his next single.

The song isn’t a usual collaboration. In fact, it’s quite unusual. Da L.E.S. almost takes a backseat while AKA leads with the first verse and the chorus. Although unusual, it’s quite refreshing. It’s great to see that the rappers worked each other’s strengths and put the song before their egos. Da L.E.S., AKA and Maggz support each other on the track and give each other room to shine – something that is really lovely to see. Each of the rappers brought their A-game lyrically and the chorus is fire.

It’s tracks like these that shows just how much the local hip-hop industry has progressed over the past few years. The song is unique, catchy and doesn’t follow the rules, which makes it stand out. Da L.E.S. also shot a beautiful video for the track. In fact, the rapper calls the clip a movie, not a video. It’s that attitude that shows that the rapper won’t settle for mediocrity and it’s because of this that he is one of the greatest rappers in the country right now. Remember to support local music by buying the song on iTunes today.

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