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Carli J Myers Premieres ‘Crumbling Gold’ – An Anthem About Navigating Emotion

Chart-topping singer-songwriter Carli J Myers is back with a brand-new catchy single, “Crumbling Gold”. After a brief hiatus following the successful release of the “Authentically Yours” remix with Locnville last year, Carli is ready to make waves in the music industry once again.

“Crumbling Gold” takes listeners on a playful journey through the intricate layers of human emotions and life experiences. The song was born during a songwriting trip to Toronto, Canada, where Carli had the opportunity to collaborate with talented writers and artists, Tilsen and Zanski. The result is a poignant and relatable metaphor for the conflicting forces that exist in our lives, emphasizing the tension between old and new, past and future, desire and disappointment, pleasure and pain.”Crumbling Gold is about running after something or someone in your life that you think has the weight of gold,” Carli shares, “It feels so important, so precious that you have to find a way to hold on but, there is that tough reality that it’s inescapably no longer serving you and it’s time to move on to fresh energy.”

After keeping “Crumbling Gold” in the pipeline for some time, Carli is excited to finally share it with the world. She is eager to see how the audience connects with the energy and sentiment of the song. “It’s fresh, it’s spring, and it’s time for new music,” she adds. Following her previous release last year, she took a brief hiatus to plan her wedding and get married, all while continuing to work on her music, with more releases slated for the coming year.

With a career spanning several years and a string of number 1 hits to her name, Carli attributes her success to collaboration with like-minded creatives, consistent hard work, and an unwavering passion for her craft. She believes that the magic of creativity thrives in this space. Reflecting on her illustrious career, Carli fondly recalls one of her favorite career highlights – being spontaneously invited onto the stage to sing with the legendary David Foster. Such moments have reinforced her love for music and drive for success.

Listen to ‘Crumbling Gold’ below and read more music news here.


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