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5 Reasons Why Geordie Shore’s 11th Season Is A Must-Watch

I’m such a sucker for reality TV. There is just some sort of magic around it for me. While shows like Britain’s Got Talent and Keeping Up With The Kardashians are still firm favourites of mine, my number one reality show at the moment is MTV’s Geordie Shore. Everything from the cast, the relationships and the drama is so brilliant and keeps me coming back for more week after week. The 10th season ended earlier this year and after a few weeks of waiting, the 11th season starts TOMORROW and this time, we’re going to Greece! To celebrate the show’s new season, I’ve come up with five reasons why you should watch Geordie Shore season 11!


This season is one of the most dramatic yet. Yes, I know MTV say this about every new season of the show but this time, they weren’t lying! Kyle and Holly’s relationship disintegrates in front of our very eyes this season but drama seems to follow Holly around as she comes to blows with BFF Charlotte in their most intense fight yet.

Chloe’s Thick Accent

Chloe was a newbie last season but she has become one of my favourite characters on the show. Not only is it because she gets fuck drunk on every episode, but she is so fun! Her thick Geordie accent makes me laugh every time I see her (thank goodness for subtitles) and makes for great TV!

They’re In Freakin’ Greece!

Newcastle needs some time to recover from the cast’s crazy antics so the producers decided to film this season of the show in Greece! We get to see the kids party and work in Zante, Malia, Mykonos and Athens this time around – and not even a chicken farm in the middle of nowhere can stop these crazy folk from getting it on!

Drunk Charlotte’s Wild Ride

After a big party night somewhere in Greece, Charlotte, Scott and Holly take a taxi home. While Holly passes out, Charlotte gives Scott a kiss despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. Yikes! Oh, and then she goes home and pisses herself. As one does.

Family Comes First

Despite being an insane season this time around, the gang are always looking after each other and if that means cleaning up clothes filled with vomit, booze or cream, wining and dining or taking one for the team, you can bet that these guys will do that.

Catch Geordie Shore, Tuesdays at 21h15 on MTV.


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