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Off The Record With: Lakota Silva

After collaborating on a number of musician’s music over the past two years, Lakota Silva has finally released her debut album ‘POP: The Mixtape’. Featuring the smash hits ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘Sweatt’ and the new single ‘Revelation’, Lakota has proven that she has star power. I chat to the singer on her new album, how her faith keeps her grounded and how she spends her alone time.

Congrats on the new album! How did the album’s journey begin?

The album is a mixtape for be because it’s an introduction to what I want to do. Growing up I was always in plays, I got the culture awards at school and I was always involved. I was always singing, dancing and acting and I believe those three worlds are married so when people asked me what I want to be, I said performer. My last two years of high school allowed me to do all the stuff I wanted to do as extra murals as proper subjects which is great because I feel if you’re going to be doing music, it’s important to be classically trained. After school I took a gap year to explore the music industry and I did the best I could before I got a scholarship to study film and I majored in acting. I was working with Locnville at the time and doing features on other songs and that’s how everything started.

What would you like your listeners to take away after hearing your music?

I want them to know there is a lot to an artist. My album isn’t subjected to one sound. Lakota Silva is an extension of my brand and I’m filled with happiness, sadness, dark times and fun times. I’m a human just like everyone else. I’d like each person to take away that this is the stage I am in at the moment and that South African female artists can make bad ass, cool pop and break it down but most of all, I want people to be inspired.

What was the most difficult part of making the album?

I’m a control freak. I like to know how things are done because it is my brand and I like to be in charge. Working with other producers is hard because they’re artists in their own right. At the end of the day you’re hiring a producer for their craft but on your brand and finding the right people to work with is hard but once you do, you create magic.

What song are you most proud of?

I have three. ‘Sweatt’ is my favourite to perform because it’s so gangster and I love being on stage and rapping. I’m very proud of the creation process behind ‘Revelation’. The one I am so proud of, however, is ‘Tinka Tonka’. It’s so wacky and weird and reminds me of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. It’s very arty and the one I’m most excited about.

What do you love to do when you have time to yourself?

Music! I love listening to artists such as Lana Del Rey or Jhene Aiko and listening to artists who release music that is the complete opposite of mine. I feel it balances me. Music like that teaches me how to listen to music. I also write a lot in my spare time.

How does your faith play part in what you do every day?

It’s the anchor. The reason I do what I do today is because of my faith. There is no reason I should have the passion I have today. I wasn’t brought up in circumstances which should have allowed me to be where I am today. My faith reminded me that I am the captain of my own ship and my faith is what has kept me going and grounded. I love that.

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