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Review: Ed Sheeran – x

Ed Sheeran
x (Warner Music)

Breakdown: I actually struggle to believe it but ‘x’ is only Ed Sheeran’s second album. The album has Ed’s signature style of music, however, it is far more hip-hop focused and makes for some rather interesting listening. Lead single ‘SING’ was produced by Pharrell and has been blowing up the charts and the lad has just announced ‘Don’t’ as the second single off the record.

Tracks We Didn’t Skip: 10 of the 12.

What I Liked: Oh my gosh, where do I start? Vocally, Ed is absolutely phenomenal and he really showcases his ability brilliantly on the new record. I also love the fact that whether a song be acoustic, a ballad, up-tempo and even sung in a genre we would never expect, Ed manages to tell a beautiful story in each and every song. The songs are catchy, fun, beautiful and sad and the mixture is fantastic. This is one of the strongest album’s I have heard all year.

What I Didn’t Like: There’s nothing I hate on the album besides for one thing – Ed’s horrible rapping. Now, many have praised Ed on this but I just think it ruins the song he’s ‘singing’. Now, this only happens on about two of the tracks but with such a solid album, Ed is easily forgiven.

Best Track: Afire Love is just PERFECT in every single way. Nina is a close second.

Rating: 4.5/5

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