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How King Price Car Insurance Helped Fuel My J.Lo Addiction Before My Vegas Trip

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Insurance is a daunting thing. Youngsters in their early 20s are living a life where they are not only figuring out the harsh reality of life after varsity but are starting to build up a life of their very own. We’re in a lot of debt. We’re paying off rent, varsity loans, bonds, cars, cell phones, gym, medical aid and a whole lot more and after the nasty turn the economy has taken over the past few months, everything is only increasing in price – but not if you insure with King Price Car Insurance.


I recently booked a trip to Las Vegas to tick a major bucket list item off – seeing Jennifer Lopez live. She will be performing her ‘All I Have’ residency at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood where she will showcase all of her smash hits in an intimate setting of around 5000 people. I have been a fan for a very long time and I had finally saved enough money to book my trip of a lifetime. However, the economy took a turn for the worst late last year and I have found myself forking out a lot more money than I expected to. Ahead of my trip, I’ve been looking to spend some money buying her whole collection of music and music videos on iTunes to get ready for my experience of a lifetime.


Luckily for me, insuring my car with King Price Insurance is not only convenient but also saves me money. King Price Car Insurance decreases your monthly premium by a certain amount depending on the value of your car every single month. Being in my twenties mean that every saving helps as I try find my feet and King Price has gone above and beyond ensuring that their car insurance is the best value for money.


Compared to other leading insurance companies who offer 10% of your total premiums back in cash after three claim-free years, I still land up saving a whole lot if I insure with King Price Insurance. If I insure my car for the same amount and don’t claim for the three-year period with the competing brand, I end up saving more over three years! What’s also great is that since the savings come off slowly every month, even if I do claim, the formula sticks and I will still be getting that money off every month. Accidents happen and even if I am not at fault, losing that money would be incredibly annoying. However, insuring with a company that I know has my back no matter what makes me feel on top of the world.


So if, like me, you are an entertainment junkie who would spend the extra cash on music or have other plans in mind, it’s King Price’s Car Insurance plan that will help you save the money you need to treat yourself to a little something special. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you start saving money and it’s at economically difficult times like these that every cent counts. Thanks to these savings, my iPod will be full of J.Lo’s music and music videos to ease the excruciatingly long flight. Click here for more information on this fantastic insurance plan.

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