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Zonke – Work Of Heart

Work Of Heart (Sony Music)

Breakdown: Local singing sensation, Zonke, isn’t loved by thousands of fans around the country for nothing. Her voice is smooth, powerful and loud and her songs are filled with emotion and heart, so it’s no wonder she called her latest record ‘Work Of Heart’.

How Many Good Tracks: 10 of the 13.

What I Liked: The album is a great piece of work. Naturally, Zonke’s vocals are the highlight of the album. Zonke has often said that she is inspired by Sade and it’s on this album that I see it the most. “She’s my idol. I love everything about the way she works and lives her life. I see myself following in her footsteps,” she said. I love that Zonke used live instruments. It gives the album a different feel and sets her apart. Lyrically, Zonke has grown a lot and it’s a beautiful thing to see on an album. There’s a reason why this album sold as many copies as it has. This is a fantastic R&B album to have in your collection.

What I Didn’t Like: Although Zonke has shown a lot of growth on this album, I would have liked to see a bit more variety in her music. The album started sounding rather predictable halfway through.

Best Track: Free State Of Mind

Rating: 4/5

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