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Zebra & Giraffe – It’s All The Same

South African rockers Zebra & Giraffe started their career with the incredibly catchy single ‘The Knife’ back in 2008 and since then, the band experimented with a much darker sound that both gained them and lost them some fans. The band, however, seem to have added in some pop elements to their music again with their brand new single ‘It’s All The Same’ taken off their new ‘Slow Motion’ EP.

With bands like Monark and Gangs of Ballet dominating the pop/rock genre, it’s no surprise that the band also started experimenting with this sound. Sure, this song is unlike any of their recent material but they say change is good – and this is the proof. I’ve always admired lead singer, Greg Carlin, for his song writing and he did a good job on this single.

“As a musician these days you need to be more than just a person that can play guitar realz good (hell I can’t even do that really),” Greg said on the new song. “We funded this ourselves, produced it, and I edited, co-directed and graded it. Hard work but loads of fun” The ‘Slow Motion’ EP drops on the 13th of November but if you pre-order it on iTunes, you get this track instantly so make sure you support local music and head over to the store today!

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