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Years & Years – King

Ever since I stopped blogging at OnTheRadio, I haven’t really been chatting to you guys about songs that make me really happy. When I heard the new single from Years & Years, however, I had to share it with you. The track, titled King, is one of the best I’ve heard this year. First of all, the beat hooks you instantly – something that has been really rare these days. Then, the harmonies. Oh. My. Gosh! The pop track is really well-written and the production is on another level. Lead singer, Olly Alexander, understands what is needed in a good pop track and the proof is in the pudding. I’ve had this on repeat the past few days and I don’t see me stopping the obsession anytime soon.

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  1. Different musical taste is a wondrous thing, the song is just ok to me, doesn’t make me want to hit the repeat button immediately, the lead singer, although his vocals are good, his voice doesn’t capture me. I will listen again to it in a couple of days becuase I do find my 1st listen opinions change later on.

    I miss OnTheRadio for nostaligic reasons.


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