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WONDERboom – Great Escape

If I had to compile a list of the greatest rock and roll bands to come out of South Africa, there is no doubt that WONDERboom would be on that list. The band celebrate their 20th anniversary in the music biz this year, and to that end, the band has released a brand new track and will head out on an anniversary tour across the country celebrating their hit singles.

WONDERboom have just released Great Escape – the lead single off their upcoming untitled ninth studio album. The song is exactly the WONDERboom we know and love. The instrumentals are on another level, and lead singer Cito, still knows how to work those pipes of his. “Great Escape is about escaping evil with the one you love and the adventure in solidarity. A classic sci-fi fairy tale of ‘us vs them’,” explains Cito. While I think this is another great track from the band, I can’t help but feel that their sound hasn’t evolved much over the past few years. The track sounds a bit dated and I would have liked to see them experiment with their sound a little bit more.

That being said, I’m very excited to hear what WONDERboom have in store with this album. It’s one that has been three years in the making. The album, which is due for release in October, was put on hold after the passing of drummer Garth Mcleod that same year which was a massive shock to the band, fans and the music industry as a whole. WONDERboom are back with a bang! Remember to support local music by buying the song on iTunes today.

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