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WIN Vodacom In The City Tickets!

Spring is here! I know this not because of the blossoms, the greenery or the heat but because of the many festivals happening around the country over the past few weeks. That being said, out of the many festivals out there, Vodacom In The City is always a fan favourite and the folks have even tapped international musos The Kooks, Milky Chance and The Cat Empire alongside some of our amazing local talent.

This year, the venue changes from Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown to the Emmerentia Dam which I think is a much better choice for a spring festival.“ The move to the iconic inner-city park plugs into a global trend,” says Seed Experiences managing director Brian Little. “We are seeing more and more the global format of festivals being held in parks as a way to celebrate cities’ green spaces through music and lifestyle events.” Also, the event becomes a day-time event and will commence at 10am and end at 6pm on Sunday the 4th of October. This means the whole family can join in on the action! Whoop!

There will be some local acts performing on the day as well. December Streets, Timo ODV, Nomadic Orchestra, Grassy Spark and Early Hours are battling it out for the chance to play at the festival. To vote for the band you want to see on the day, SMS the band’s name to 48477.

I’ve got 2 double tickets to Vodacom In The City to give away. To enter, simply tell me which band you’re most looking forward to seeing live, and why! Easy, right? Competition ends on the 28th of September. Winners will be chosen at random. Judges decision is final. Ts & Cs apply.

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  1. “Whoo oh oh oh” Vodacom In The City tickets this is just for you:
    Is that you I hear “knocking at my door”?
    On the 4th of October there will “be no better place to be” then chilling with you
    You see, “we are young souls” just living the “city life” we just “never growing up no oh yeah”!
    There is something I have to admit this to you, “I am attracted to you like the sun is to the moon”
    Now I would love to see December Streets perform, “everybody else can leave”, but if it is TIMO ODV you prefer I think I would still “find my way” to you.
    So “save me now”, I want to be with you for the day!

    In short I would love to see The Krooks and Milky Chance perform and who ever the lucky band that wins I am a huge supporter of music and especially South African music! I love going to music festival’s and it would be super awesome to be able to attend Vodacom In The City this year

    Lyrics above taken from Milky Chance, The Krooks, December Streets and TIMO ODV


  3. I Dont think words can describe how badly i want these tickets. Seeing The Kooks would just make me the happiest girl! #FingersCrossed #WouldDoAnything

  4. I have to be honest – I was all guns blazing to see The Kooks live after I missed them the last time I was here, and I still am! But after attending Boosh27 this past Sunday I have to say that I am more stoked to see the awesome local talent of Grassy Sparks than anything else! Those guys can ROCK! And if Smooth Mike makes another appearance – I’m definitely not gonna complain! 😉
    – Ok but also The Kooks though #BucketList

  5. So I know this is kind of strange but In the City for me wouldn’t be just for Milky Chance, Cat Empire and the Kooks but also more see and hear Luke Pritchard from the Kooks perform and sing I’ve kind of been obsessed with him for a while and if you don’t know how incredibly talented and good looking he is go have a look at one of my favourite songs from the Kooks☺️:

    Please help me experience the awesome music and get to see one of my biggest crushes ever since I heard them!

    And make seeing the Kooks a reality!!

  6. I would really love to see Milky Chance as they stole my heart the first time I ever listened to them and I’ve always loved The Kooks!

  7. Definitely the Cat Empire. Who wouldn’t want to see a group of Australian white guys jamming out some reggae/jazz? For real though I just wanna feel that bass ring out in my soul
    (I’ll flash for tickets)
    ((Please don’t tell my mom))

  8. Well, I’m probably getting retrenched tomorrow (company is downsizing) and the only thing keeping my spirits up is VODACOM IN THE CITY!!!! I went last year and couldnt contain myself after seeing some of the most talented people on stage. This year, I’m FREAKING OUT about Cat Empire. Ever seen a black girl with dreads to her butt jamming (I mean JAMMING) to Australian ska? Medusa. Yupp, I look like Medusa (or atleast what I’d imagine her hair would be like ) during my Cat Empire jam sesh.
    Allow me to get that going guys 🙂


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