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Usher – Crash


There’s nothing like the soulful sounds of Usher to get us going this morning. The singer is busy recording his brand new album which has already seen multiple delays but it seems we are closer to getting our hands on the record than we thought! The crooner premiered a brand new song called ‘Crash’ which is a taste of the upcoming album – and it’s everything we hoped for.

The song is a lovely mid-tempo jam with both R&B and pop influences which really puts the singer’s vocals on full display and reminds us of his hit single ‘Climax’. The song is simple yet effective as the striking chorus and the beautiful vocals from the star do all the work. The falsetto in the chorus really stands out and we see the singer sing higher than we’ve ever heard – and does so effortlessly. The song is definitely moody and dark and the music video portrays this beautifully. Lyrically, Usher brought his A-game. It’s a sensual, dark, mysterious song which Usher has done right.

The song appears on his upcoming studio album Flawed which is rumoured to be released later this year. The single cover art is a sculpture of Usher that was done by Arsham, which he had to stand still for 4 hours for him to complete. If this is what we can expect on his upcoming album, then it should be one of his best yet.

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