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Tresor – Zambezi (Feat. Beatenberg)

He has one of the most inspiring tales in the history of music. After growing up in a war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo and losing his parents at an early age, Tresor trekked down to South Africa by train, car and foot before becoming a car guard in order to survive. Seven years later, Tresor signed his first record deal and his single ‘Mount Everest’ became not only a local phenomenon but an international one as well which helped him seal an international record deal with Ultra Records. Now, his debut album, VII, is officially out and the singer has teamed up with Beatenberg for the record’s next official single.

The song starts off with a traditional African sounding guitar riff which has made Beatenberg so popular over the past year. The song is so chilled and has such a relaxing, uplifting vibe to it. The love song describes a person’s love being so strong they would “swim across the waters of Zambezi” just to be with their love. While the song doesn’t show off Tresor’s vocal ability as much as I would have liked, there’s no denying that the song is a hit.

What I love about Tresor is that he isn’t afraid to explore. The song sounds different from every other single he has released so far and he is making a conscious decision to keep things fresh and surprising. I am obsessed with Tresor and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of all his success! Support local music and buy the album on iTunes today.

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