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TikTok Sensation Alexia Paige Releases Debut Single ‘Want You Back’

South African TikTok star and World Championship Of Performing Arts finalist, Alexa Paige has released her catchy debut single ‘Want You Back’. Born in Joburg on New Year’s Eve of December 2001, the singer-songwriter and performing artist has always been a fire-work display of raw talent. She was destined to be a star. 

After numerous achievements and performances abroad, along with a string of viral videos on TikTok, the 20-year-old releases a summer-ready pop anthem co-written with & produced by 2x SAMA-nominated artist-producer Daniel Baron. ‘Want You Back’ is sweet with a touch of spice, and an addictive melody that’ll keep you clicking repeat. “It’s a song about the confusion and insecurities that come with young love. Its’ frustrating but its also addictive,” says Alexa, who has been working hard on her debut music for the greater part of two whole years.

Alexa started her singing journey at the early age of 16. After her cousin took a recording of her and sent it to their music teacher, she was encouraged to pursue her singing professionally. Only one month later, Alexa received a scholarship to the New York Film Academy, where she was able to further her knowledge in the arts. Thereafter, she started entering competitions, and went on to achieve over 14 Diploma awards.

In 2019 she received South African Colours in performing arts, and won 3 Gold Medals. This catapulted her into the international scene as she qualified for the World Championship in Performing Arts, when she then received her Protea colours and Green Blazer. After becoming a finalist in the worldwide championship that took take in Los Angeles, California, she started receiving a large amount of international attention and offers from agencies and talent managers alike, which she turned down in order to finish her schooling.

Following her international achievements, Alexa returned home to record with multi-platinum-selling producer Daniel Baron in Johannesburg, South Africa. Alexa has now recorded a fleet of singles at Baron’s Hit Kitchen Studios, and will be continuing with regular releases throughout the new year. The artist’s main singing influences are Faouzia and Christina Aguilera. Alexa’s sound is a sophisticated pop which runs deep to the core of its wholesome songwriting – all riddled with earworm hooks. ‘Want You Back’ is meaningful and introspective, yet cheeky and easy-going.

‘Want You Back’ is available on all major digital music platforms:


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