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Thembisa Mdoda to host The Mommy Club reunion

Thembisa Mdoda, a three-time Most Popular TV Presenter SAFTA winner, will host the reunion special of The Mommy Club, premiering on Showmax on 5 December 2023.

The Mommy Club set a new record for the most first-week views of any reality series on Showmax.
Fans have been calling for a reunion since the dramatic finale in September 2023, which once again topped the charts on Showmax and X (formerly Twitter).

“As a mom, I jumped at the opportunity to host The Mommy Club reunion,” says Thembisa, who gave birth to her fourth child just seven days before the reunion. “I have always wanted to host a reunion so the fact that it came to me after all these years, with a show I truly love, is a blessing.”

The mommies ended the season on uncertain terms, with lines drawn in terms of their friendships. On the one side, we have Her Majesty and Mpumi; on the other, Nunurai and Ratile. In the middle, we have Ms Manche, who has remained neutral, not taking any sides

Known for both hosting shows like Our Perfect Wedding and Suxoka as well as acting in hit series like the Showmax Original DAM and Mzansi Magic’s Unmarried, Thembisa says she will leave no stone unturned at the reunion.

“So much has happened this season,” she says. “It was explosive, so it is my duty as a seasoned host to get to the root of everything. I am going to get to the bottom of all the tea; I owe that to the viewers.”

She adds, “My approach to hosting the reunion is simple. I am already a fan of the show so I am going to tackle all the topics, even the hard-hitting ones, but I am going to do it gently. I too am a mom, and I understand some of the struggles moms face. I am not here to judge the ladies; I am here to listen and make sure that everything is put on the table.”

Thembisa is the first woman to host a Showmax Original reality show reunion. “We chose Thembisa to host the reunion because she is amazing at what she does,” says Zinzi Velelo Alake, POP24’s executive producer. “She is a mom and we know that she will be able to handle Jozi’s ‘it’ moms. The Mommy Club is about strong, powerful and beautiful women who do it all and our choice of host reflects that.”

At the reunion, Her Majesty says she is going to set the record straight. “I am ready to confront everyone, especially a specific individual,” she says. “I want her to tell me what her problem with me is. If there is going to be a collision, so be it.”

Ratile feels like there are things that she wants to get off her chest at the reunion. “At the end of the day, we are all humans,” she says. “We make mistakes and, when we do, we need to try and resolve things. For me, I am willing to move forward with the ladies who want to.”

Despite having found herself at the centre of one of the biggest feuds this season, Mpumi is feeling zen and reflective ahead of the reunion. “My approach to this reunion is just to own my part and actions. There will be apologies made because, at the end of the day, we are all strong mothers and businesswomen and, at the crux of it, there is a friendship and a sisterhood.”

Nunurai, who gained a reputation for being confrontational this season, says she is going to match people’s energies at the reunion. “For me, it is simple: you get what you give. If you are nice, I will be nice. If you come at me sideways, you will receive my heat and don’t complain when I react.”

Luxury girl Ms Manche, who tried to stay away from conflict, spoke about how she is not interested in drama within friendships, “Don’t involve me in any drama, the only drama I give is in my outfits.”

For fans of The Mommy Club, it won’t be too long to wait for Season 2, which will launch in 2024.

Showmax has established itself as the best place to stream local reality TV in South Africa, from The Real Housewives franchise to Life With Kelly Khumalo, recently named Best Structured Soapie Reality Show at the SAFTAS for the second time.


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