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The Sound of Music Takes Monte By Storm

If you ever visit Montecasino’s Teatro you can be sure of one thing – the production you are about to watch is one of an international standard. The theatre’s latest (and current) production The Sound of Music, however, takes things to the next level.

I must be honest and admit that I have never watched the movie. Shameful, I know. After watching the production, however, I am itching to get my hands on the film. I didn’t realize how many beautiful songs came from the film and the storyline is really grabbing as well.

The team behind the production did an incredible job at putting the film onto stage and I often felt that I could actually be watching this on the big screen – except it was live right in front of my eyes! The set was phenomenal. The hills, the house, the church were all so lifelike that it transports the viewer into the story.

The cast were amazing as well. Bethany Dickson played Maria so well. She showed her humorous side, her emotional side and her motherly instincts. Maria lights up the lives of the family and Bethany brings that to the stage. Her voice, her mannerisms, her acting is a step above the rest and she really is the star of the show. Andre Schwartz, who plays Georg Von Trapp, shone as well, vocally and as an actor!

The kids did well also did well. All seven of them! The youngest is so charming and tugs at everyone’s heartstrings and she manages to outshine her siblings. The kids and Andre struggled with the accent a little and often their South African accent peeped through which confused me a little here and there. Other than that, however, I loved everything about the production and I highly recommend the show to everyone reading this!

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