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Snotkop Premieres New Anthem ‘Skrik Vir Niks’; Announces New Documentary Premiering In 2023

Whenever Snotkop does something, he does it big! Today, the star unveils his catchy new hit ‘Skrik Vir Niks’ and launches the single with an announcement that he will be giving fans a deeper look into his life as he is set to drop an exciting documentary of the same name.

The star’s rise to fame hasn’t been an easy one – and Snotkop is finally gearing up to get real in his deepest interview yet.

The song, which will also be featured in the doccie, is an anthem for the misfits. Snotkop says that he wanted to make a song to unite everyone who thinks they don’t fit in and to remind South Africa (and the world) to be positive and love themselves.

Snotkop reminds us that it’s better to be real, to think for yourself and to be yourself – and that if you don’t like the story that has been written for you, write your own.

The inspiring and unifying anthem sees Snotkop continue playing in the pop/dance space on the song which will, no doubt, be a hit at sokkies around the country.

Listen to ‘Skrik Vir Niks’ below and read more music news here.


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