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Sketchy Bongo & Jimmy Nevis – All About It

Sketchy Bongo Jimmy Nevis

5FM and the Xperia Mashlab is back! This month, the brands have teamed up one of the hottest producers at the moment, Sketchy Bongo, and singer Jimmy Nevis. The two had a week to go into studio and create a song. The result? A banging track called All About It that proves Sketchy Bongo and Jimmy Nevis are mad talented.

The duo went for a pop sound that is incredibly popular at the moment. Jimmy brought the heat with some brilliantly written verses and a voice of gold. He is one artist we can always rely on to bring the heat and with Sketchy Bongo’s flawless production, the track can do no wrong. The song follows the trend of near-instrumental choruses with catchy brilliantly placed vocal effects that artists such as David Guetta, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, Mike Posner and many more recently used.

“The theme at the moment is empowerment,” Jimmy says of how the song came to life. “I’m inspired by my own journey, Sketchy’s journey and people trying to make their dreams come true.” We love that the song is able to compete with current international pop singles but still has a unique African flavour to it. The track sounds like a hit from the very first note and its results like this that makes the Xperia Mashlab so magical. Well done to everyone involved in this collaboration. We predict this will be one of the biggest tracks either artist has released.

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